Donkey Kong Joins Lego Super Mario: New Expansion Sets Revealed

Lego and Nintendo have announced that Donkey Kong is joining the Lego Super Mario line, and the beloved character is being accompanied by other Kong family members.

Release Date and Availability

The Donkey Kong line is set to release on August 1 and will be available at various retailers that carry Lego Super Mario products. Customers can also purchase the line at the Lego Store.

The Expansion Sets

The four expansion sets include:

Diddy Kong’s Mine Cart Ride

Diddy Kong’s Mine Cart Ride is the largest expansion set, containing 1,157 pieces. The set features a mine cart and rail system that interacts with a Lego Super Mario figure. Builders need to repair the rail system to reach the boss, Mole Miner.

  • Buildable figures include Diddy Kong, Funky Kong, Mole Miner, and Chomps
  • Builders can also construct Funky Kong’s airplane, complete with his balloons from the game and a barrel
  • The set costs $110

Donkey Kong’s Tree House

The 555-piece set lets builders construct Donkey Kong’s iconic tree house. The tree house is not an enemy-filled “level” like some other Lego Super Mario sets, but Cranky Kong will give Lego Mario, Luigi or Peach coins. Builders can attach any of the three Lego Super Mario characters to Donkey Kong’s back.

  • Cranky Kong is included in the set along with a hammock, conga drums, palm trees, a Bowser flag, and a Warp Pipe
  • The set costs $60

Dixie Kong’s Jungle Jam

The set contains 174 pieces and features a stage for live music where the Lego Mario figure accompanies Dixie, who has an electric guitar. Squawks is also present in the set.

  • The Jungle Jam set costs $27

Rambi the Rhino

Rambi the Rhino is a smaller set that contains 106 pieces. Builders can ride the Lego Super Mario character figure on Rambi’s back and interactive features include sound effects for movements such as walking and charging. Rambi’s tusk can also be used to topple included blocks.

  • The Rambi the Rhino set costs $11

Donkey Kong in Lego Super Mario

Mine cart levels have always been one of the most challenging course types in the Donkey Kong Country series, and it’s exciting to see them adapted into a Lego playset. The new sets allow fans of Donkey Kong and Lego to merge their interests, and the expansion sets are sure to provide hours of building and playtime.

With the addition of the Donkey Kong line, Lego Super Mario continues to grow and expand with new sets and characters. Fans of both franchises will be eagerly waiting for the release of the sets on August 1.


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