Discover What Awaits in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep: Where It’s Wetter, That’s Where It’s Better

Destiny 2 is set to enter a new deep-sea adventure with the release of the Season of the Deep update.

Commander Sloane’s Return

Bungie has confirmed that players will be returning to Titan as part of the new season of content, including Commander Sloane, who is still alive, according to a new teaser trailer.

New Developments to Explore

In the new teaser trailer, players were tasked with exploring something beneath the waters of Titan, with hints from the most recent Lightfall update suggesting an “enemy of the Witness” waiting for players beneath the waves.

Seasonal Aquatic Armor

This update is called the Season of the Deep, and it’s clear the emphasis is on the aquatic. Players will have the opportunity to update their gear with a variety of ornamental armor pieces that offer an oceanic feel, from hard choral armor to fin-like robes. Even the Hunter armor features catfish whiskers on its hood, making it an exciting, distinct aesthetic choice.

Newest Addition to Player’s Arsenal

This season’s offering also includes a new scout rifle called the Last Rite scout rifle, courtesy of Tex Mechanica. The weapon boasts modern components, classic cowboy styling, and eye-catching ornaments to match the aquatic theme of the update.

Changes to Expect with Season of the Deep

The Season of the Deep update is set to bring a plethora of changes, including plenty of buffs to Supers, new armor mods, and Aspects added to the Strand subclass.

Exotics Overhauled

Several Exotics are also set to be overhauled for the latest update, with some receiving substantial buffs or nerfs. In particular, Warlocks are set to lose the grenade spam ability that was too strong once the Solar 3.0 subclass was introduced last year.


With plenty of new equipment, changes, and developments to explore, the Season of the Deep update is shaping up to be another thrilling ride for Destiny 2 players.


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