Discover Destiny 2’s Best Post-Campaign Story – Our Findings on Lightfall

In the popular video game Destiny 2, the Lightfall campaign has received criticism for its vague storytelling, leaving players with many unanswered questions. One such question surrounds the Veil, an object that suddenly becomes important but remains shrouded in mystery. However, post-campaign quests provide further context and new story threads that shed light on key details. Here are some of the important things we’ve learned:

The Vex Network has its secrets

Players once again venture into the Vex Network because of its connection to the CloudArk, which holds together Neomuna and where the Neomuni have uploaded their consciousnesses while in a cryogenic state. The Sol Divisive, Vex followers of the Witness, were searching for something at the Spire of the Watcher dungeon, which could be Soteria or the blueprint for the Sol Divisive’s failed attempt to recreate the Veil.

The history of Neomuna and its legendary Cloud Striders provides further context through the Hall of Heroes quests. The Vex detected the Occlusion in the CloudArk and started searching for this Vex Mind. At the end of the Strider questline, it says that Saturn VI has vital information, and an enemy of the Witness is living on Titan. It’s possible a return to Titan could be a way for the now-deceased Savathun to play a role again since the Strike Savathun’s Song took place on Titan.

Asher Mir’s discovery and the Veil’s mystery

In an unexpected development, the VexNet was open to players without needing to splice their way through, much to the surprise of Misraaks. Additionally, a signal was detected that asked players to explore further into the network. As part of the Avalon mission, Asher explains that he merged with the Vex to learn about the Pyramid ships, eventually stumbling across a diagram of the Veil through many simulations. From his place inside the VexNet, Asher leads players to the Exotic Vexcalibur and has them defeat the Variant Stalker Brakion that is trying to remove Asher’s presence.

However, the Veil remains a mystery. A news alert by Jisu Calerando on Neomuna says the portal created on the Traveler is possibly an Einstein-Rosen bridge, but in a world of paracausal powers, the exact nature of the portal is inconclusive.

Nezarec and psychic powers

Consciousness and psychic powers have been recurring themes in Lightfall. Nezarec, a Disciple of the Witness, led the Pyramid Fleet to the Solar System, causing the Collapse, but lore attached to the K1 anomaly used by Clovis Bray shared stories of people on the Moon who suffered psychological trauma at the hands of Nezarec’s Nightmares. During the Root of Nightmares raid, we learn Savathun was responsible for Nezarec’s original death and had taken the Veil from him and hid it on Neptune.

At the start of Lightfall, when the Witness arrived at Earth, the Traveler fired a burst of Light at its Pyramid ship, terraforming it with strange flora. When players venture into the terraformed Pyramid ship during the raid, they pollinate seeds of Light and Darkness to grow what seems to be the fabled Tree of Silver Wings, consequently resurrecting Nezarec into a being able to wield overwhelming Energy, Resonance, and even the Light.

The juxtaposition of psychic abilities and the physical plane has been a recurring theme in post-campaign activities like Nezarec haunting the consciousness of the Neomuni living in their intangible glowing bodies through the CloudArk or Mara Sov and the Techeuns relying on the extradimensional Ascendant Plane. With the Veil’s connection to the Traveler, it remains to be seen how Strand relates to the Veil or why Nezarec had the Veil in the first place.

While many questions remain unanswered, these post-campaign quests have provided crucial context and new story threads that players can explore. Bungie’s promise of revealing more details on the Veil only adds to players’ anticipation for what’s to come.


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