Discord’s New Year, New Name Policy: Find Out Why You’ll Need to Pick a Fresh Username

Discord is making significant changes to its usernames, according to a blog post by the company’s co-founder, Stanislav Vishnevskiy. In an effort to simplify the process of choosing and sharing usernames, Discord is dropping the four-digit tag that it adds to usernames. This means that every user on Discord will have to select a new username, which will be marked by an “@” symbol, similar to Twitter.

The Motivation Behind the Change

The primary motivation behind this change is to make it easier for users to connect with their friends and other users on Discord. The current username format has been limiting in several ways, including the fact that it’s often too complicated or obscure for people to remember. When combined with the four digits that follow each username, it can be challenging for users to find and add friends on the platform. These factors make it more challenging for new users to join the platform and connect with others.

The Fallout for Users

As a result of this change, every user on Discord will have to choose a new username. While this is obviously time-consuming and potentially frustrating, Discord is taking steps to make the process as smooth and straightforward as possible. Users will be able to select a non-unique display name in addition to their unique alphanumeric username. They will also receive notifications about the name change and will be assigned priority based on when they registered for Discord.

Why the Name Change?

The change in usernames is a significant one for Discord, which has always touted the unique four-digit tag as one of its defining features. However, the decision to do away with the tag is part of a broader strategy to simplify the Discord platform and make it less intimidating for new users. By stripping away some of the complexity, Discord hopes to broaden its appeal and attract a wider user base.

The Future of Discord

These changes to the Discord username format are just the latest in a series of modifications to the platform. Discord is currently rolling out new features and making significant upgrades to its infrastructure to improve the user experience. These efforts are part of a broader push to make Discord a more mainstream, widely adopted platform that is accessible to everyone.

The Response from Users

The response to Discord’s decision to drop the four-digit tag has been mixed. Some users are excited about the change, as it will make it easier for them to find friends and interact with other users on the platform. Others are frustrated that they will have to choose a new username and lose the tag that was unique to the Discord platform.

The Takeaway for Users

Regardless of your opinion of the change, it’s important to note that every user on Discord will have to choose a new username. You can select a non-unique display name in addition to your unique alphanumeric username. Notifications for the name change will be coming in the next few weeks, so keep an eye on your Discord inbox.

The Relevance of Discord in the News

Discord has been making headlines recently, both for positive and negative reasons. On the one hand, the company’s PS5 Discord integration has been well-received, and the platform’s popularity continues to grow. On the other hand, Discord has faced several controversies related to privacy concerns and the leaking of sensitive information.

The Clyde Controversy

Recently, Discord reversed a controversial privacy policy change that came after it launched its new AI-assisted chatbot Clyde. The new policy would have allowed Discord to collect and analyze a variety of information from user messages, including message content and metadata. After receiving widespread criticism from users and privacy advocates, Discord decided to reverse the policy.

The Military Leak and Nintendo Subpoena

In another incident, classified US military secrets were leaked on a Minecraft Discord server. While the information was quickly removed, the incident raised concerns about the security and privacy of Discord’s messaging platform. More recently, Nintendo filed an application to subpoena Discord over leaked images from an unreleased The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom art book. This move highlights the ongoing tension between user privacy and the need for companies to protect confidential information.

In Conclusion

The changes to Discord’s username format may not be universally welcomed, but they reflect a broader push to simplify the platform and make it more accessible to new users. Discord is undoubtedly a platform with a bright future, but it will need to address ongoing concerns about privacy and security if it hopes to continue to grow and expand its user base.


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