Diablo Immortal Introduces Boss Rush Mode for the Ultimate Challenge

Blizzard’s mobile action role-playing game, Diablo Immortal, is about to receive a game-changing update, introducing the Helliquary Gauntlet, a new raid boss mode that offers players a chance to test their mettle against all five of the game’s raid bosses back-to-back. This marks the first time in Diablo Immortal’s history that players will be able to battle all of the raid bosses in one go.

What is the Helliquary Gauntlet?

The Helliquary Gauntlet is a new mode that unlocks once the players have defeated Catarag, The Strangling Sun, on Hell VIII difficulty. In the Helliquary Gauntlet, players will have to fight all five of the game’s raid bosses back-to-back. Players will receive additional rewards for completing the gauntlet, including an exclusive Avatar Frame. The ten players who complete the gauntlet the fastest each week will receive a temporary unlock of the frame, while those who hold their spot in the top-10 for an entire monthly season will gain the reward permanently.

Major Balance Changes Included in the Update

The update comes with some major balance changes to various classes and Legendary items. All of the game’s ranged classes, including Demon Hunter, Necromancer, and Wizard, will receive a built-in 15% damage reduction buff. This buff complements the 30% damage reduction buff already present for the game’s melee classes.

Moreover, Blizzard has also made adjustments to the Accursed Towers game mode, which was added as part of Diablo Immortal’s last major content update. The Tower of Fortitude, which granted a 20% increase to PvP damage for the clan that held it, has been changed to provide a 10% increase to Life in Battlegrounds, Challenge of the Immortal, the Rite of Exile, and Shadow Wars.

Other Content in the Update

The update will also see the return of several fan-favorite limited-time events, such as the Fractured Plane, a 15-floor gauntlet where players can only use pre-selected skills and whatever gear they find along the way. The Scorched Sea and Shady Stocks events also make a return, allowing players additional ways to earn items in exchange for completing daily tasks.

Moreover, the May 10 update will kick off the game’s 13th season and introduce another battle pass, which offers players a new way to unlock exclusive rewards.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the upcoming update to Diablo Immortal promises to be a game-changer. With the Helliquary Gauntlet, players will be able to battle all of the game’s raid bosses in one go, something that’s never been done before. The update also introduces major balance changes and returns popular limited-time events, offering players a range of content to enjoy.

Be sure to check out Blizzard’s official patch notes for all the details and download the update when it becomes available on May 9.


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