Diablo Immortal Boosts Rewards for Premium Battle Pass Subscribers

Players of Diablo Immortal are about to receive some exciting new updates on April 12 (Americas) and April 11 (rest of the world), including improved rewards for those choosing to purchase the game’s paid battle pass options. In addition, players can look forward to better PvP battleground matchmaking, new limited-time events, easier Paragon Point redistribution, and the ability to play more non-combat content. Here’s what to expect:

Battle Pass Options

Players who opt-in for one of the premium battle pass options will receive three normal gems each at ranks 5 and 35, along with a powerful two-star Legendary gem, Fervent Fang, to replace the one-star Legendary Gem Seled’s Awakening that was previously awarded at ranks 5, 20, and 35.

For those who purchase the Collector’s Empowered battle pass, they will receive even more rewards. This upgraded version of the premium Empowered battle pass will reward a new currency, Battle Archive Coins, at certain ranks. These coins can be used to purchase additional gems, cosmetics, and other items featured in previous seasonal battle passes from the Battle Archive shop. Note that the available items will rotate with each season, and it doesn’t seem like there will be any changes to the game’s free battle pass.

Battleground Matchmaking Improvements

The latest update will optimize battleground matchmaking while punishing those who queue-dodge. Those who repeatedly cancel matchmade games will be barred from participating in battlegrounds for five minutes and will receive a warning message in-game.

Paragon Points Changes

The seven-day timer associated with resetting Paragon Points will be removed, and players will have the ability to save their Paragon Point builds as part of their loadouts in the Armory. This change will make it easier to switch between builds, and make the game more enjoyable for those who frequently re-allocate their Paragon Points. The shift in policy is designed to allow players increased flexibility in how they play their character while still maintaining balance.

New Limited-Time Events

Two new limited-time events are coming to Diablo Immortal – the Shady Stock event and Into the Dark Wood event. During each event, players will need to complete daily tasks for a chance to win random Legendary items and other prizes.

Non-Combat Focused Content

The game is expanding its non-combat content, with the addition of fishing in an earlier update this year. Blizzard is committed to adding more non-combat-oriented activities in the future.

Diablo IV Beta and Release Updates

The Diablo IV beta, the largest in the franchise’s history, is complete, and the game is set to release on June 6. Contrary to Diablo Immortal’s paid battle passes, Diablo IV won’t allow players to level up by spending money.

These updates and events are sure to breathe new life into Diablo Immortal’s universe and make it an even more enjoyable game to play for fans all around the world.


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