Diablo 4’s Campaign Can Be Skipped After First Playthrough

Blizzard Entertainment’s upcoming title Diablo IV will feature a campaign-skip element for players who have completed the game’s principal storyline at least once, according to reports. The feature was spotted in a recent trailer, and Adam Fletcher, global community development director at Blizzard, later took to Twitter to clarify that players will need to have completed the campaign on one character before being able to skip it on another. Diablo III already offers a comparable mode, Adventure Mode, which enables players to level up via completing bounties and defeating monsters, rather than finishing the game’s narrative.

Options for Players Who Skip Campaign Unclear

It is not yet known exactly how players will be able to level up if they choose to skip Diablo IV’s campaign. Developers have said that bounties, Helltides, and Nightmare dungeons are all endgame activities designed for level 50+ characters. It is therefore likely that completing normal dungeons or side quests will be the primary way for players to level up outside of Adventure Mode. Blizzard has stated that the game’s main campaign will take around 35 hours to complete.

Server Slam Weekend Details

Blizzard is offering one final beta test for Diablo IV ahead of the game’s official release in June. The test is part of the Server Slam weekend scheduled for May 12-14, and will allow players another opportunity to provide feedback on the game before its launch. Blizzard has already made changes to address balance issues and repetitive dungeon layouts based on player feedback. The upcoming beta weekend will also provide participants with the chance to earn exclusive rewards that will carry over to the full version of the game.

Blizzard Shares More Details About Diablo IV

Blizzard has been releasing new information about Diablo IV as the game approaches its launch date. The company has revealed that the title will feature new seasonal content every three months, and that the game’s battle passes will take around 80 hours to complete. According to developers, Diablo IV’s endgame grind will unlock at level 50, and will require players to conquer challenging Nightmare dungeons and target-farm for powerful items in Helltide areas.


Diablo IV’s campaign-skip mode will provide an option for players who have already completed the title’s primary narrative. It is not yet known how players will be able to level up if they choose to skip the campaign. Blizzard is offering one final beta test for the game ahead of its release in June, and players will get the chance to earn exclusive rewards during that test. Devs have also shared additional information about Diablo IV, including the fact that it will offer new seasonal content every three months and that the title’s endgame grind will require players to complete challenging dungeons and farm powerful items.


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