Diablo 4 Online Store to Only Sell Cosmetic Items

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that Diablo IV, the latest addition to their popular action role-playing game series, will include an in-game shop where players can spend real money to access cosmetics that provide no gameplay advantages. Unlike Diablo III, where the real money auction house created a controversy over gameplay progression being locked behind a paywall, Diablo IV’s shop will only offer aesthetics that change the look of the armor players have obtained through playing the game.

Details of the Shop

Only cosmetics can be purchased through the shop, and payment should be made using the in-game currency Platinum. Cosmetics will be refreshed at regular intervals, so if players miss out on the cosmetic item they wanted, it will be available again in future rotations. Furthermore, class-specific cosmetics only need to be bought once to be available for all characters of that class that the player has on their Battle.net account. Players can utilize a “preview” feature to see how the purchased cosmetic will look on their character before making the purchase.

The Future of Diablo IV

Blizzard also shared details on the post-launch schedule for Diablo IV, which will consist of Seasons that each contain a battle pass. These battle passes will include free and paid reward tiers, with free rewards awarding players with gameplay advantages and the paid reward tiers only containing cosmetic items. The first season will begin in late July, just a month after the game’s release on June 6 (June 2 for those who purchase the Deluxe or Ultimate editions).

Player Reaction

Players appear to be excited for the announcement, as it seems to mitigate the potential for real-life money negatively influencing gameplay. The issues circulating around the real money auction house in Diablo III have caused many players to be skeptical of in-game shops that utilizes real-life currency. With Diablo IV only selling cosmetics, players do not need to worry about missing out on important gameplay progression because they aren’t prepared or able to spend money.


Blizzard Entertainment’s announcement of Diablo IV’s in-game shop only offering cosmetic purchases seems to be a relief to players who have grown wary of the effects of real-life money allocations on gameplay progression in the past. The future season and battle pass schedule also seems promising, offering the players with rewards for progression as well as something for those who are looking to showcase their characters in unique ways. Diablo IV’s post-launch will be well worth keeping an eye out for.


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