Destiny 2’s Seasonal Storyline Requires A Lot Of Backtracking Due To Technical Limitations

Seasonal missions in Destiny 2 have been a point of contention for players due to the bullet and backtracking gameplay loop required in completing these missions. Bungie explains that this is due to budget and technical constraints, making it difficult to change the gameplay loop after it has been built as part of the overall gameplay.

Logistical Reasons For Gameplay Loop

Destiny 2 players are used to the repetitious gameplay loop of completing seasonal missions. This loop typically requires players to visit several locations for debriefings with in-game characters. However, the bullet and backtracking mechanics have been a point of contention for some players. According to Bungie, this gameplay loop is due to logistical reasons such as time and budget constraints. Full vendor performances are more time-consuming and require more budget than upper torso performances in the holoprojector or voice recordings.

Technical Constraints and The Holoprojector

While Season of Defiance required players to jump between the HELM and Farm social hubs for weekly chats with in-game characters, Bungie clarified that it was necessary because both locations are important to the seasonal story. As for why the holoprojector is necessary, Bungie explained that certain performances are only available at specific holoprojectors, and putting them all in one place can cause issues.

Feedback From Gameplay Specialists

Bungie has gameplay specialists who play through content prior to its release and provide feedback to the studio. However, the studio cannot always act on the feedback given due to various reasons, such as production schedules. Bungie has a ship first, fix later mentality that allows it to deliver a constant flow of seasonal content, adapting to the demands of live-service games.

Destiny 2 In A Buggier State Than Usual

Despite the constant flow of seasonal content from Bungie, the Destiny 2 community has noted that the game appears to be in an even buggier state than usual, with many items in the game feeling broken, and servers going down frequently.

Mid-Season Update and More Accessibility Improvements

Destiny 2 players have recently seen some big changes to several weapon archetypes with the mid-season update. More accessibility improvements are also expected in Season of the Deep. One remarkable player recently managed to solo the Root of Nightmares raid without dying once, proving that the game can still provide a challenge for even the most seasoned players.


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