Destiny 2’s Next Season to Introduce Exciting New Guardian Rank Transformations!

Bungie is looking to improve its Guardian Ranks system in Destiny 2, according to a recent update. The system resets every season, but developers at the company are looking to streamline the process of renewing ranks. Improved cosmetic changes will be made that will display a player’s highest rank earned in the past season to other players, and categories will no longer reset. Instead, the need will be to focus on completing blue-tinted categories in the Guardian Rank progression to renew ranks. Commendation counts will partially reset every season, but tracked scores will appear on a Journey Screen that will be added to Season 21 updates, along with Commendation breakdowns, Seasonal Challenges, Guardian Ranks, and Seasonal Triumph scores.

Bungie looks at evolving Guardian Ranks in Lightfall Era


Bungie is looking at the evolution of its Guardian Ranks system in the newest era of Destiny 2 – the Lightfall era. With a month since its official launch, the ranks have undergone several tweaks and were observed to have missed the mark on specific goals that necessitated improvements based on constructive feedback. However, with a considerable amount of data available to the company, it’s seeking to improve the system for all players.

Cosmetic changes added

Bungie plans to improve the way Guardian Ranks renew every season. While the ranks reset each season, cosmetic changes will be implemented to renew a player’s rank for the new season as quickly as possible. The company will display the highest rank a player has ever earned for the previous season.

If a player eventually achieves a higher rank than their previous one, the new rank will be their displayed number. This cosmetic change will quickly show the player’s progress to other players in the game.

Renewing ranks through categories

Renewing Guardian Ranks will require focus on activating blue-tinted categories in the Guardian Rank progression. The update detailed that the categories won’t be reset, and ranks that aren’t renewed will gradually fade at the end of the season. While commendations counts will partially reset with every season, every Commendation score and breakdown will still be tracked every season.

New Journey Screen added

A Journey screen will be added to the gaming interface to show a player’s recent seasonal history. Details such as Guardian Ranks, Commendation score, Commendation breakdown, Seasonal Challenges, and Seasonal Triumph score will all be displayed on a Journey screen in Season 21 updates.

Other updates with Season of the Deep

Various other updates with Season of the Deep will be added, one of which is a new role as an Exotic engram decoder for Master Rahool in the Tower. New buildcrafting mods will also make activating Armor Charges more straightforward, and changes will be made to the Seasonal Artifact, making it easier to refund individual perks.


Bungie’s Guardian Ranks system has undergone several tweaks since its official launch a month ago. Given the feedback from gamers, the company is looking at evolving the system to address some of the challenges faced. It’s planning to add cosmetic changes that will make renewing ranks a quicker experience. With the new Journey screen, players will have access to more details, tracking their commendation scores, Guardian Ranks, Commendation breakdowns, Seasonal Challenges, and Seasonal Triumph scores.


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