Destiny 2 Version Patch Notes: Technical Fixes Inbound

Destiny 2 players will be pleased to hear that patch is now live, bringing much-needed fixes to the game. While it may not address all major bugs, this patch fixes two issues causing crashes, which will be especially welcome news to PS5 players caught in Neomuna on Neptune. In addition, the patch adjusts brightness and flashing in the Daughters of Oryx encounter.

Players still frustrated with smaller patch

Despite the welcome news of the patch release, players are still frustrated that the list of fixes is relatively small, especially given the many major bugs that remain unaddressed. For instance, audio issues introduced with patch are still ongoing. Destiny 2 has been plagued with technical issues lately, with players receiving common error codes such as CHICKEN, WEASEL, and PLUM, and another bug making it look as though all players’ characters have been deleted.

Full list of fixed issues

Here is the full list of issues that have been fixed in this hotfix:


  • Fixed an issue where the raid jacket director dialog was appearing after the March 21 deadline to unlock the purchase.
  • Adjusted brightness and flashing in the Daughters of Oryx encounter.


  • Fixed an issue where gauntlets would not equip when changing loadouts.
  • Fixed an issue where opening the loadout menu could cause Destiny 2 to crash.

Gameplay and Investment

  • Weapons – Fixed an issue where making changes to the weapon in an inventory after selecting the weapon to reshape would not automatically update to the item in the reshape slot.

Platforms and Systems

  • Fixed an issue where too many particle effects in certain areas on Neptune could cause Destiny 2 to crash.

The new patch will no doubt be welcome news to Destiny 2 players who have been experiencing numerous technical issues lately, particularly PS5 players affected by crashes within Neomuna on Neptune. Let’s hope that Bungie continues to address these bugs and glitches in future patches, to make Destiny 2 the unforgettable game it was meant to be.


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