Destiny 2 Unveils New Strand Aspects for Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks!

Destiny 2 fans can look forward to a more versatile gameplay experience as Bungie reveals the upcoming Season 21 will see the addition of new Aspects for each subclass. In a recent This Week at Bungie blog post, the details of the new Aspects per class were shared ahead of the game’s highly anticipated Season of the Deep launch on May 23.

New Hunter Strand Aspect

The new Hunter Strand Aspect is called Threaded Specter, an Aspect that leaves behind a decoy whenever you activate your class ability. This decoy serves to distract enemies and draw their fire, providing you and your teammates a chance to seek cover and reposition. If the decoy is destroyed or if enemies get too close, it explodes dealing damage and summoning Threadlings.

New Titan Strand Aspect

Titans will receive the Flechette Storm Aspect. Like some of the existing Aspects, this will allow you to launch your charged melee while sliding. However, this Aspect takes it to the next level, allowing you to knock back and damage nearby enemies while you’re also launched into the air. While in the air, you’ll also be able to repeatedly launch projectiles with your charged melee, damaging and unraveling enemies in the process.

New Warlock Strand Aspect

The Wanderer is the Warlock Strand Aspect that revolves around Tangles. Enemies will be stuck with Tangles that will then detonate and apply Suspend. You’ll also be able to generate Tangles from Threadling final blows.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to swap out an existing Aspect for these new ones, as you’re only allowed a maximum of two at a time. Also, you won’t have immediate access to these Aspects and you’ll need to complete a quest obtainable from Pouka Pond on Neomuna.

Changes to Classes

Aside from the new additions, a number of changes are expected to be implemented in Destiny 2’s subclasses when Season of the Deep launches. One of these changes will be a reduction in the cooldown of Strand’s grapple ability, as well as buffs to several Supers. Pinnacle rewards will also be replaced by more Exotic drops, as there will be no increase in Power level cap next season.

The goal of these Aspects is to not only strengthen the existing kits of each class, but also provide players a variety of gameplay options for each subclass. Fans of the game can expect a more diverse and engaging experience with the addition of these new Aspects, as well as the accompanying changes to the subclasses for when Season of the Deep rolls out on May 23.


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