Destiny 2 Season Passes Set to Increase in Price with Season 21

Destiny 2’s Season Pass is set to receive a slight price increase for the upcoming Season of the Deep, according to an announcement from developer Bungie. The standalone season pass, which provides players with a range of in-game benefits, will now cost 1,200 Silver ($12), up from the previous cost of 1,000 Silver ($10).

What Is Changing?

In addition to the price increase for the standalone season pass, Bungie has also revealed that the price of the season pass bundle will increase from 2,000 Silver ($20) to 2,200 Silver ($22). The season pass bundle provides players with ten additional ranks upon purchase, making it an attractive option for those looking to gain a leg up during the season. However, Bungie has stated that players who purchase Lightfall will not be affected by this price change, nor will the price of the Lightfall + Annual Pass edition, which provides season passes for Seasons 20-23.

The Future of Destiny 2 Content

According to the announcement from Bungie, the price change is just one part of a larger initiative to rethink post-launch content for Destiny 2. The developer has stated that it is considering “new approaches” for the year of The Final Shape, indicating that there may be bigger changes in store for the game’s content strategy.

Season of the Deep Preview

On top of the pricing changes, Bungie also gave fans a glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming Season of the Deep. The season will be released on May 23, and will include a range of new features and improvements.

New Strand Aspects and Supers Upgrades

One of the most exciting new features of Season of the Deep will be the addition of new strand aspects. These powerful new abilities will give players a range of new ways to engage with the game’s mechanics and strategic systems, and will be an essential tool for those looking to advance through the season ranks.

In addition to the new strand aspects, Bungie has also teased numerous upgrades to the game’s Supers. These changes will make some Supers more powerful and versatile than ever before, giving players new ways to approach the game’s challenges and enemies.

New Exotic Engrams and Improved Raid Exotics

Bungie has also revealed that Season of the Deep will offer some new ways to obtain Powerful Exotic engrams. These engrams will be rewarded through specific weekly challenges, giving players a new incentive to engage with the game’s most exciting and difficult content.

Finally, Bungie has stated that it will be easier to obtain older raid exotics during Season of the Deep. This change will allow players to focus more directly on the content they enjoy most, and will ensure that everyone has a chance to get their hands on the game’s rarest and most powerful items.


Destiny 2 fans have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming Season of the Deep. Although the standalone season pass price increase may be concerning to some, it is worth considering the additional benefits that the pass provides, as well as the exciting new content coming to the game. With Bungie promising continued improvements and new approaches to post-launch content, Destiny 2 remains an engaging and ever-changing experience for gamers everywhere.


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