Destiny 2 Introduces Glorious New Golden Exotics in Season 21 Trials

Big changes are coming to Season 21 of Destiny 2, and it looks like Trials of Osiris is getting a fresh overhaul. For those who are new to Trials, Bungie has promised to make the introductory quest less of a chore and more of an actual tutorial. As for the requirements to enter Trials, Bungie is dropping them for Season 21. Instead, players will be required to complete their Competitive placement matches, get 50 kills in Competitive, and raise their Power level.

Passage offerings

Passage offerings are also being updated for a better experience. The Passage of Wealth will grant +75 Trials reputation for every win and an additional bonus for your current major rank in Trials, up to +150 total, encouraging players to stay on the same card and take advantage of the system. The Passage of Mercy will forgive two losses if you have not yet been Flawless for the week and revert to forgiving a single loss on each card after resetting it.

New Dominion core game mode

In Season 21, Dominion will be the core game mode for Trials, replacing Elimination. Bungie thoroughly tested the mode in Trials labs and came to the conclusion that Dominion is overall faster, promotes more varied engagements, and provides a healthier sandbox variety.

“We understand that switching to Dominion may make carrying other players to the Lighthouse a more difficult challenge due to the increased premium placed on solid teamwork, but it is important to note that those experiences must be weighed against the bulk of all player experiences in the playlist when we make decisions on what changes to implement,” Bungie added.

Exotic cosmetic gear rewards

The big draw to Trials from next season will be the golden Exotic cosmetic gear rewards. These prizes include a new Ghost shell, ship, and Sparrow to add to your collection, but the best reward is easily the Glorious Patina shader. Glorious Patina will only be available to players who go Flawless during Season 21 and it adds a dazzling golden shine to Guardian gear.

Weapon updates

On the weapons side of Trials, players can look forward to adept versions of The Messenger pulse rifle and the Unexpected Resurgence glaive. The Inquisitor shotgun and Whistler’s Whim bow will be removed from the loot pool. A new emblem is also being added, but to get your hands on it, you’ll need to get a Flight of the Pigeon medal for every win and open the Flawless chest at the Lighthouse.

Rewards for completing the first Seasonal Flawless Ticket

Future Seasons will see the return of older Trials shaders as rewards for completing the first Seasonal Flawless Ticket. With Season 21 kicking off on May 23, there are plenty of other changes to look forward to. The Strand subclass will expand with new Aspects, several Supers are getting big upgrades, and older Raid Exotics will be easier to obtain.


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