Destiny 2 Commendations See Improvements: Here’s What You Need to Know

Bungie recently announced that it has plans in motion to improve the commendation system in its game, Destiny 2. Commendations were introduced in the game’s Lightfall era as a way for players to acknowledge others who contributed positively to their experience. According to Bungie, “Commendations are meant to create cycles of gratitude so that players are thankful for one another.” However, the system has been abused by players who spam commendations without thought because they’re closely tied to progression. As a result, Bungie has made changes to the system by reducing the number of commendations required to move up in ranks and will be introducing new commendations in the coming weeks.

How Commendations Work

The number of commendations players receive resets each season, and only a part of a player’s commendation score is lost from season to season. The commendation breakdown is tracked from season to season along with a player’s score. To help preserve progress each season, Bungie will be introducing a “recent seasonal history” section in a new area of the Journey screen in Season 21. This area will display a player’s commendation score and breakdown, along with seasonal Triumph, seasonal challenges, and Guardian Ranks.

Plans for Improvement

Bungie has already made some changes to reduce the number of commendations required to move through Guardian Ranks, but it recognizes that more work needs to be done. Plans are currently in motion to re-tune some values, so players can be more deliberate about who they do or don’t want to give a commendation to without worrying about the amount they’ve given holding them back.

Changes Coming in Season 21

In Season 21, Bungie will begin retroactively counting the Leadership commendations needed to reach ranks 10 and 11, as those weren’t counted before. This means that players who receive those commendations while still at lower ranks will see them counted once they reach the final two ranks. Additionally, a new commendation called Best Dressed will be introduced in the coming weeks. Finally, eligibility for commendations based on activity participation will be updated to prevent players from gaming the system.


While the commendation system in Destiny 2 had the potential to be a positive addition to the game, it quickly became a means for players to spam commendations without much thought because of the way they were tied to progression. However, it’s clear that Bungie is taking steps to improve the system and make it more meaningful for players by reducing the number of commendations required to move up in ranks, introducing new commendations, and changing the way they’re counted retroactively. As the system continues to evolve, it’s sure to become a more meaningful way for players to express gratitude toward their peers.


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