Destiny 2 Buildcrafting Changes: Activating Armor Charges Made Easy In Season 21

Destiny 2’s upcoming Season of the Deep will see major changes to the game’s Armor Charge mechanic, which is activated by picking up Orbs of Power. Bungie, the game’s developer, has stated that the change will offer a “more generous” way of obtaining armor charges through two new armor mods: the Powerful Attraction armor mod and the Elemental Charges armor mod. Both mods will be available in Season 21, which will also see the introduction of Shoot to Loot enhancements and three new Strand Aspects for Lightfall owners.

New Armor Mods in Season of the Deep

Powerful Attraction Armor Mod

The Powerful Attraction armor mod will be an essential tool for Guardians looking to obtain more Armor Charges without having to venture into enemy territory. Activated by using your class ability to pick up all Orbs of Power within a specified radius, this new mod will be especially useful in high-difficulty activities that require a careful approach.

Elemental Charges Armor Mod

Guardians who focus on collecting subclass-specific elemental collectibles will benefit from the new Elemental Charges armor mod. This mod provides an escalating chance to gain a stack of Armor Charge after collecting an associated elemental collectible. Additionally, the after destroying a Strand tangle will also grant an Armor Charge, with the frequency of gaining a stack of Armor Charge tuned differently for each collectible.

Shoot to Loot Enhancements

In Season 21, Guardians will also be able to use the Shoot to Loot weapon perk to obtain Orbs of Power in addition to ammo boxes, making it easier to collect Armor Charges during gameplay. While Bungie considered applying this enhancement to subclass-spawned objects, the developer has deemed this technically infeasible.

Expansion of Buildcrafting

Bungie has also announced that Buildcrafting will expand in Season 21 with the introduction of three new Strand Aspects for Lightfall owners: Flechette Storm for Titans, Threaded Specter for Hunters, and The Wanderer for Warlocks. Additionally, the developer has made a tweak to Artifact perks, allowing players to refund individual perks with a single click, making it easier to adjust their build on the fly.

Commendations and Guardian Ranks Changes

Season 21 will also see significant changes to Commendations and Guardian Ranks, as well as Master Rahool’s role being expanded as an exotic engram decoder. Bungie is committed to continually improving the game and providing more features to enhance the Destiny 2 experience.


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