Dead Island 2 and Saints Row Join Forces in Epic Crossover Event

Saints Row, the reboot of the popular crime sandbox series, has been under the radar for several months. However, Volition has now announced plans to release three major updates throughout the year. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Saints Row content roadmap:

Dead Island 2-inspired cosmetic pack

Starting April 11th, all players can access a Dead Island 2-inspired cosmetic pack. This free download includes items inspired by two characters from Dead Island 2: Jacob and Amy. Players can dress up as these characters and even decorate their headquarters with new decorations. There is also a new weapon and emote included in this download.

Sunshine Springs district update

In May 2023, Volition will release its biggest free update yet, which focuses on quality-of-life changes for the game. The update includes overhauled combat mechanics and a new selfie mode feature that players can enjoy while exploring the new Sunshine Springs district.

Expansion Pass holders will have access to three story missions set within this district, called The Heist & The Hazardous. The storyline follows the Saints as they look for payback against an actor who double-crossed them.

Third expansion coming in August

August sees the release of another expansion that adds a third district and more quality-of-life improvements to the game for free. Volition has stated that it will reveal more information on this upcoming DLC at a later date.

Mixed reception leads to company merger

Saints Row’s reboot garnered mixed reactions from fans upon its release last year. In November 2022, Embracer Group opted to merge Volition with Borderlands studio Gearbox in an effort to create “future success” at the studio. As part of this move, Saint’s Row developers were integrated into Gearbox.

This move was seen as an opportunity for both studios to take advantage of each other’s strengths and resources during development processes as they work towards creating titles that will satisfy fans in the future. With the development of Saints Row’s roadmap and expansion, fans can see that Volition is still committed to providing quality updates for the popular series.

Overall, fans of the series can look forward to three major updates throughout 2023, including a new district, cosmetic pack, story-driven missions, improved combat mechanics, and various quality-of-life updates. As we eagerly await more information on August’s third expansion, players can expect even more exciting developments for this classic title.


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