Dead Island 2: Adding New Game Plus Mode – What to Expect?

Dead Island 2 fans might be in for a treat as developer Dambuster Studios considers adding a New Game Plus mode to the game, according to design director Adam Duckett.

Potential for New Game Plus mode

A recent XboxOn stream featured Duckett answering fan questions, with one query centering on the potential for a New Game Plus mode. While Dambuster hasn’t confirmed that it will add this mode, a staff member clarified in the Twitch stream chat that the possibility is being actively explored.

Several other titles have added New Game Plus well after launch, with God of War Ragnarok in particular receiving the mode in April 2022, months after its initial November 2021 release.

Sales success

It might make sense for Dambuster to extend Dead Island 2’s gameplay, given that the game has already sold 1 million units worldwide in just three days since release, according to a report by GamesRadar.

A decade in development

Dead Island 2’s release comes almost a decade after its initial announcement, with original studio Yager Development leaving the project in 2015. Dambuster Studios, owned by Koch Media, took over development at that point, and the game has been in development for six years since.

What to expect from Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 takes place in California, where a zombie outbreak has occurred. Players navigate the open world game, engaging in first-person combat and completing quests. The game boasts a campaign that lasts between 15-20 hours, with six playable characters in total.

What is New Game Plus?

New Game Plus (NG+) is a feature that allows players to replay a game after beating it, often with increased difficulty or access to special equipment. NG+ is becoming more common in games as players look for replayability and ways to extend their gameplay.

Final thoughts

Dead Island 2’s success and potential for a New Game Plus mode has players excited. While Dambuster Studios hasn’t confirmed that it will add this mode, the fact that it’s under consideration is a promising sign for fans.

Players can look forward to seeing how the game develops in the coming months, as Dambuster and Koch Media continue to support the title.


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