CS Modder Unveils Hilarious Roguelike Mode Worth Checking Out

Counter-Strike fans might be excited to hear that a new mod for CS:GO has been released, and it’s not what anyone expected. Rogue, a roguelike mod, is now available for players to try out. It allows players to engage in in-depth run-based games, with various playable characters and enemies to defeat.

The Modder Behind Rogue

Rogue has been created by Counter-Strike modder Orel as a labor of love. Orel was inspired to create Rogue after hearing about the upcoming release of Counter-Strike 2. The modder believes that the new release will change the game so much that Rogue would no longer be viable, so they decided to release it in Early Access mode for fans to try out.

What to Expect From Rogue

Rogue is still an unfinished product, but it’s an interesting experiment. The mod includes eight playable characters, booster packs, cards, and spendable XP. It can be played solo or with a group of friends (up to three players). While it may not be perfect, it’s certainly worth checking out if you enjoy roguelike games.

The Upcoming Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 is on the horizon, with a scheduled release in summer 2023. According to Valve, every aspect of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be revamped for the new release. Fans of the series who are interested in being part of the CS2 Beta Limited Test can check out our guide.

Final Note

Rogue has been a surprise hit with Counter-Strike fans, and it’s interesting to think about what other mods could be created before the release of Counter-Strike 2. One thing is for sure, though – fans of the series have a lot to look forward to!


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