Counter-Strike 2 Release Date, Platforms, And Everything We Know

Valve has announced the upcoming release of Counter-Strike 2, the evolution of their popular tactical team-based shooter, CS:GO. While still in its early testing phase, Valve has shared plenty of details on what to expect when the game launches.

Counter-Strike 2 release date

Valve is aiming to have the sequel out in Summer 2023, but no specific date has been announced. However, a closed beta is currently underway for selected veteran players who have logged significant playtime into CS:GO before Counter-Strike 2 was announced.

Counter-Strike 2 beta access

For those who meet the criteria of having a high trust factor, good standing with their Steam accounts, and having sunk a significant amount of time into CS:GO, there is a chance that an invite to the beta test may be received over the next few months.

Inventory Carryover

According to Valve, players can carry their entire CS:GO inventory over to Counter-Strike 2, along with improved graphics thanks to the Source 2 engine.

Tick Rates

In Counter-Strike 2, tick rates will no longer matter for moving, shooting, or throwing thanks to sub-tick updates, which will ensure any in-game action is instantaneous and create a fair environment for online competition.


Expect many of the popular maps to be updated following the transition to the Source 2 engine. These will fall into three categories: Touchstone maps remaining identical, Upgraded Maps receiving visual improvements, and Overhauled Maps being newly designed from scratch.

Smoke Grenades

Smoke grenades will be overhauled, allowing for a more dynamic and useful in-game experience. The implementation of a new “volumetric smoke” technology will allow smoke to interact with the environment, react to lighting, gunfire, and explosions. Valve stated that smoke grenades will not only provide more tactical opportunities but will also “look and play better” in Counter-Strike 2.

Pricing and Platform

Counter-Strike 2 will be a free upgrade for CS:GO players on PC, and there has been no announcement for console ports.

Overall, Counter-Strike 2 promises to provide an exciting and fresh experience for players of all levels, with the introduction of new technologies and updates to familiar ones. It seems that Valve is committed to ensuring the fair environment for online competition, with features such as tick rates and dynamic smoke grenades.


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