Cookie Run: Kingdom Launches in Mainland China with Tencent Games and Changyou

Devsisters, the award-winning international mobile game publisher and developer, has announced that its popular game “Cookie Run: Kingdom” will be released in mainland China in collaboration with Chinese gaming businesses Changyou and Tencent Games. To ensure maximum content for gamers in mainland China, Devsisters has partnered with these gaming companies since receiving its publishing license in China on March 20th, 2023.

Cookie Run: Kingdom’s Popularity

Since making its debut, the Cookie Run brand has seen impressive global growth. The first game in the series, Cookie Run for Kakao, was launched in 2013, while its successor, Cookie Run: Ovenbreak, was released in 2016. In less than two years since its release in early 2021, Cookie Run: Kingdom has amassed more than 50 million cumulative users worldwide. Its predecessor, Cookie Run: Ovenbreak, boasted more than 200 million global players as of last year.

Global Recognition

Cookie Run: Kingdom’s performance in the mobile gaming industry has been exceptional. It has secured first place on Google Play, App Store, and One Store in Korea, and has become the most popular game in Japan’s Google Play and App Store. In addition, it has placed second in the US App Store.

The game’s exceptional performance extends beyond its popularity. Cookie Run: Kingdom has received several honours on a global scale, recognizing its success, growth, and community development; it even won the Grand Prize at the 2021 Korea Game Awards. At the 2022 Mobile Game Awards, it received People’s Choice, while at the 2022 Pocket Gamer Awards, it was awarded for Best Updated Game and Best Community.

WeChat and Weibo Channels

In anticipation of its release in mainland China, Cookie Run: Kingdom has created official WeChat and Weibo channels to correspond with local users. These channels will be the game’s communication channels for providing news and fostering a sense of community among Chinese players.


The announcement of Cookie Run: Kingdom’s release in mainland China is significant for Devsisters, Changyou, and Tencent Games. With this collaboration, these companies can bring an enjoyable gaming experience to Chinese players with the global sensation of this popular game. Devsisters’ success with the Cookie Run series has magnified with the overwhelming popularity of Cookie Run: Kingdom.

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