CoD: Warzone 2 Plunder Tips – How To Make Money Fast

In the latest update of Call of Duty: Warzone 2, game developers have introduced a new mode called Plunder. Plunder mode is different from the regular battle royale mode as it focuses more on making money than on killing and survival. In this mode, players must form teams (quads) and strive to collect the most cash by various means, including killing enemies, looting crates and completing contracts spread all over the map. Plunder mode is a refreshing addition to Call of Duty: Warzone 2, and players can use the following tips to help them collect more cash and secure wins.

Know where and what to loot to make quick cash

Plunder games progress quickly, so finding quick cash is essential for optimal gameplay. The richest areas are Al Mazrah City, the Sattiq Cave Complex, and others like them. However, don’t just land anywhere in these locations, make sure to scan your surroundings for valuable contracts. Safecracker contracts are the most viable for making money in Plunder mode, and they offer cash and other valuable items in each safe marked for you and your teammates. Completing contracts is also a great way to earn cash, and the more contracts you complete, the more cash you earn. When teaming up with other players, you can assign a two-two strategy. Two squad mates loot the safes, and the other two can loot other buildings and strongholds.

Plunder mode has fewer items to loot, but there are plenty of high-rarity valuables like gold bars, comic books, GPUs, and hard drives. Players should steer clear of packing their backpacks full of armor plates and equipment and focus on high-value items that they can sell at Buy Stations. Some of the best items to look for are: Gold bars for $40,000, Game consoles for $15,000, and GPUs for $10,000.

Players should pay attention to random public events because they can help them earn more cash. Contractor or Blood Money events can help players earn more cash during the game. Contractors give players more money for completing contracts during the event, while Blood Money doubles the cash earned from eliminating and looting enemies.

Safely deposit cash

The game requires players to deposit their hard-earned cash periodically to keep it secure. There are two primary ways to deposit cash safely in Warzone 2’s Plunder mode:

  • Marked helipad locations are marked with a piggy bank icon on the map. These locations allow players to store their entire earnings safely.
  • Cash Deposit Balloons are a much safer and quieter option. These can be found while looting or purchased from a Buy Station. Cash Deposit Balloons can store $300,000 per balloon. They hold double the cash of Warzone 1 balloons, so players can store a significant amount of cash while playing Plunder mode.

While using the helipads is safe for the players’ earnings, it is important to note that it is also unsafe, especially during cash extractions. Players can buy Cash Deposit Balloons with $20,000 from Buy Stations in Warzone 2.

Don’t waste your money

It’s easy to get carried away and lose your money in Plunder mode, so be wise in your spending. Losses from unnecessary gun fights take a small percentage of cash earned each time you die. Trying to keep fighting players can result in losing more money than you gain, and you should avoid buying extra equipment from Buy Stations as there are usually enough kill streaks as ground loot.

Players can also purchase a novel feature called Life Insurance for $40,000 from a Buy Station. It saves 50% of your cash on-hand when eliminated. However, this insurance is only valid until the player dies, and results could be counterproductive.

Use Map Awareness

Being attentive to the map can be of immense help in Call of Duty: Warzone 2’s Plunder mode. Keep an eye out for random cash supply boxes dropping (marked by a green money box) or top-earning players (marked by red money bags) for additional cash opportunities. If a player feels confident and aggressive, they can take out the top earners, which adds their cash to the player’s collection. However, killing the top player marks the killer as a top earner on the map, which can draw undue attention to the player. Cars and redeploy drones marked on the map can also help players traverse the areas faster.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2’s Plunder mode is a new and refreshing addition to the game, focusing on making cash rather than killing enemies or survival. Players must be aware of what, where, and how to loot, deposit their cash safely, be mindful of their expenses, and be aware of the map to succeed.


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