CoD: Warzone 2 DMZ Receives Major Upgrade in Season 3 with Barter System, Workbenches, and New Vests

Activision has announced several major improvements coming to Call of Duty: Warzone 2’s DMZ mode with the arrival of Season 3 on April 12. The mode was drastically changed in Season 2, and the upcoming update is set to bring some of the best changes yet. One significant change is the overhaul of the armor vests and backpack systems. In Season 3, backpacks will be available in two types: secure and scavenge.

Backpacks: Secure and Scavenge

Secure backpacks will allow players to secure non-contraband, non-on-soldier items in their inventory, which will convert to XP upon extraction. Additionally, if players are eliminated in an extraction zone, items in the secure backpack will remain with the active duty soldier. Scavenge backpacks, on the other hand, offer additional item slots for players looking to do a lot of scavenging.

Armored Plate Vest Variants

The armored plate vest will have four variants in Season 3 to cater to various playstyles. The tempered variant works like Warzone 1’s tempered plate carrier, with armor being two half-bars instead of three thirds, making it easier and more efficient to re-plate after a fight. The revive variant is a three-plate medic vest that grants faster revives on squadmates and self-revives when using a self-revive kit. The comms variant is a three-plate comms vest that increases the duration of all UAV technology in DMZ, making it function as an Advanced UAV, showing both player direction and location. Lastly, the stealth variant comes built-in with the Ghost perk, keeping players off enemy radars.

New Barter System and Crafting Recipes

Season 3 is adding a new barter system for all scavenger-style players in DMZ. It’s not a player-to-player trading system but a way to swap goods at a Buy Station. The bartering system uses recipes, which are component lists needed to craft new equipment from items scavenged on the map. The launch of Season 3 will include recipes for some of DMZ’s new plate carriers and backpacks, killstreaks, self-revive kits, and keys. However, Building 21 and Ashika Island locations will each have their own unique set of barter options across its Buy Stations, meaning players might need to exfil to a different map for a specific item.

Activision states that there will be dozens of item trade combinations that will launch with Season 3, and these are set recipes that can be memorized to make it easier to share with teammates and scavenge for particular items. In addition to crafting recipes, Season 3 is also adding a workbench feature. Players can modify their Contraband weapons by spending cash to add or remove attachments, customizing the weapon piece by piece.

New Helpful Items and Features

DMZ’s workbenches will be new locations found near Buy Stations. The Rebreather is being added as a field upgrade in Season 3, helping players searching for underwater loot or looking to make an underwater escape. The Skeleton Key is a key that unlocks any door in DMZ, with the only exception being Building 21’s Access Keycard.

The Skeleton Key cannot unlock Building 21 for deployment, but players can use it for all other doors that require a keycard or key in Building 21 or the other Exclusion Zones. The Skeleton Key can only be created through a special barter recipe.

Season 3 of DMZ will introduce a range of exciting new improvements for players, and it’s set to launch on April 12. Stay Tuned!


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