CoD: Warzone 2 DMZ – Getting a Private Exfil in a Heavy Chopper

Season 3 of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is now live, and players are excited about the new features the update includes, especially the new ways to safely exfil from a match. The heavy chopper is one of the new exfil options that players can use, and this article will explain everything you need to know about it.

How to get the heavy chopper extraction

Surviving a match in DMZ and keeping all your loot requires you to exfil from the map. Players can still take the standard exfil, use the map’s final exfil chopper, or use a Hostage contract to extract. However, now they can use one of Season 3’s new heavy choppers to make a slightly stealthier escape. There are two ways players can use this new extraction method:

Buy a heavy chopper extraction

If you have enough cash or can pool it with your teammates, you can exit the match via a heavy chopper. It’s a $50,000 purchase at a Buy Station, which will trigger the chopper to land at an exfil point that is inactive for other players in your match.

Although this method is safer than other public exfil locations, players must also be aware that just because they bought the heavy chopper, it does not make them invincible. This area won’t make you invulnerable if enemies happen to be nearby, but there’s a lot less heat with this paid extraction than you’ll get with a public exfil location.

Fuel up a heavy chopper

Another option for using a heavy chopper exfil is to use the stationary one located on your tac-map. This chopper is found at Al Mazrah’s Hafid Port, and it’s not flying anywhere until someone fuels it up.

You cannot use the regular gas cans used to fuel DMZ’s other vehicles. Instead, you’ll need to scavenge the required Heavy Chopper Fuel, which is most commonly found near Al Mazrah’s airport. Check inside buildings and garages around the airport, or look for it on the cargo train that circles the map.

This train is often a highly-contested location in DMZ, and the airport has tons of AI to battle through. Both places offer a different risk, so just pick which area is more convenient for you.

After players locate a can of Heavy Chopper Fuel, they must bring it back to the chopper so they can pilot the aircraft. Flying the chopper out of bounds will automatically trigger your exfil from the match.


In conclusion, Season 3 of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 has brought many new features, including heavy choppers as an extraction option that players can use to safely exfil from their matches. Players can buy the heavy chopper extraction for $50,000 or fuel up a heavy chopper using the required Heavy Chopper Fuel found around Al Mazrah’s airport or on the cargo train. Players must keep in mind that utilizing the heavy chopper does not make them invulnerable and that enemies can still attack them. Hopefully, this guide will help players secure a safer exfil for their next match of DMZ.


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