Clash Royale Season 46 Boot Camp Update & Balance Changes (Apr 2023)

Clash Royale players can now join Season 46 in the new Boot Camp update, which brings exciting changes to the game. This includes new Tower Skins, Emotes, Banner items, a reworked card, and even new rewards in the Season Shop. But that’s not all, as the update also includes some significant balance changes for several cards in the game.

Boot Camp Arena and Tower Skins

The battles for Season 46 will take place in the new Boot Camp Arena, which has lush greenery and a Training Camp look that brings a unique feel to the game. Alongside the Boot Camp Arena, the update brings two new Tower Skins, with one skin available via the Pass Royale and the other as a shop purchase.

Gold Tier Pass Royale Super Archer Skin

The first is the Super Archer Tower Skin, which is available at tier 48 of the Pass Royale. The skin is a unique design that features impressive fabrics and an outstanding color combination that looks great in the game.

Boot Camp Tower Skin

The second skin added is the Boot Camp Tower Skin, which players can purchase from the shop. The tower skin showcases a stitched puppet on the Princess tower and an emblem with a gold design on the King Tower that looks entirely unique and stands out in the game.

Emotes and Banners

Boot Camp has also introduced seven new emotes to Clash Royale. The new emotes include Archers, Prince, Dark Prince, and an impressive King emote. You can unlock a few of the emotes from the Season Shop by exchanging tokens, and the rest can be done via the Pass Royale and in-app purchases. The update also has 40 new banners available this season, with 16 in the Banner Box, 22 for purchase, and two for Diamond Pass Royale owners.

Animated Archer Banner

The Diamond tier Pass Royale will offer Diamond Pass Royale owners one exceptional animated Archer banner, which is unlocked at Tier 49. In this update, the Season Shop also brings exciting card boosts for Archers, Prince, and Dark Prince.

Path of Legends

The number of steps in Path of Legends has been reduced from 93 to 76, which is a new change for the primary game mode. This change is relatively significant as it is the first time that the primary game mode in which players can participate in Ranked Battles has been altered, so players may find it interesting to try out.

April 2023 Balance Changes in Clash Royale

Speaking of balance, the Season 46 Boot Camp update brings specific balance changes to some of the game’s popular cards.

Buffed Cards

Mega Minion, which has seen a reduced usage rate, now has a buff with an improved hit time and damage per second. Another card buffed is Spear Goblins, who haven’t seen much usage, and a range improvement may help their cause.

Nerfed Cards

The Archers have received a significant nerf in the first hit time stat with a reduction from 0.1s to 0.5s. Also, Miner, which has been a popular card, has received a nerf concerning the crown tower damage it deals with. Another well-loved card known for its dash distance, Golden Knight, has also been adjusted slightly in this update. Phoenix will also see its top ability reduced with a decrease in its death damage.

Reworked Cards

One of the unique cards in Clash Royale, Rascals, has seen a rework in this update, addressing the concerns by players that the card was not viable. The Rascals card now has a hit points percentage increase by 6%, a lower first hit time percentage of -37.5% for the girl Rascal, and a spacing percentage increase of 58%. Furnace is another card that gets a light rework due to low usage among players, with adjustments made to its delay and expiration of building stats.

That’s all for the Clash Royale Season 46 Boot Camp update. If there are any additional announcements, we will keep you updated, so stay tuned!


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