Clash of Clans April 2023: Weekly Events, Challenges & Rewards List

Supercell’s Clash of Clans is set to keep players busy this April with a range of exciting in-game activities. This month’s line-up includes Season Challenges, Dark Ages-themed Warden and Queen challenges, Clan War Leagues, troop challenges, and an array of boosts and bonuses to earn. Read on for a complete rundown of the events scheduled for the month.

1. Dark Ages Season Challenge

Running throughout April, the Dark Ages Season Challenge invites players to complete a variety of challenges to earn rewards. The Gold Pass theme changes monthly and features accompanying special rewards, with the focus for April being the Dark Ages.

2. Dark Ages Warden challenge (April 1st to April 9th)

A new Dark Ages skin has been added to the inventory of skins available for Heroes. To unlock the Dark Warden skin, players must complete certain challenges. The skin features the Grand Warden in Dark Ages garb, carrying a lantern and a manuscript, and sporting armour around his head.

3. April Clan War Leagues (April 1st to April 11th)

Clan War League is a monthly event in which clans compete against each other for rewards. Seven clans within similar levels compete in this league, with rewards granted based on final positioning.

4. Super Archer, Balloon, Dragon (April 10th to April 14th)

During this troop-focused event, players will complete various challenges focused on Super Archers, Balloons, and Dragons to unlock rewards and resources.

5. One Gem resource boost

The One Gem resource boost event is one of the most economically sound events in Clash of Clans. During this event, players can boost a resource-generating building such as Collector or Mine by spending just one gem. The duration of the boost varies at Supercell’s discretion.

6. Dark Ages Queen challenge (April 14th to April 23rd)

Similar to the Dark Ages Warden challenge, the Queen challenge will feature a new skin for the Queen. As with the other challenges, players must complete certain challenges to unlock the skin.

7. Super Bowler, Goblin, Hog Rider event (April 17th to April 21st)

Players will complete various challenges related to Super Bowlers, Goblins, and Hog Riders to earn rewards and resources in this troop-focused event.

8. One Gem army boost (April 20th to April 23rd)

During this event, players can boost the production of troops in barrack buildings by spending one gem per barrack. This boost will increase the speed of troop production fourfold, allowing players to carry out more attacks in a short span of time.

9. Clan Games (April 22nd to April 28th)

Exclusive to players with level-six town halls, Clan Games feature specific tasks and challenges assigned to the entire clan. Challenges completed by clan members earn points and rewards for the group.

10. Sneaky Goblin, Barbarian, Minion event (April 26th to April 30th)

The final troop-focused event for the month, Sneaky Goblins, Barbarians, and Minions are the stars of this challenge. Once again, players will need to complete tasks related to these troops to earn rewards and resources.

11. Double star bonus (April 27th to April 30th)

During the Double Star Bonus event, players will gain bonus stars for each attack on an opponent’s base. Each star earned will grant a specified amount of resources, including Dark Elixir, Elixir, and Gold.


April’s events in Clash of Clans promise to be an eventful month, with a variety of challenges and opportunities to earn rewards and resources. Keep an eye out for the events and participate to get the best out of your Clash of Clans experience.

What are your thoughts on the April events of Clash of Clans? Which event are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments! Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Google News for further updates.


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