Civilization: Reign of Power to Cease Services on June 8, 2023

It is with a heavy heart that Nexon Games has announced the impending shutdown of Civilization: Reign of Power, a popular MMOSLG that was released just last year. Intended to be a mobile edition of the beloved Sid Meier’s Civilization series, the news came as a surprise to many players and fans of the title.

Official Notice from the Developers

Despite receiving a warm reception from fans upon its release, the developers found it necessary to end the services of the game by 8th June 2023. In an official Notice, they cited careful consideration of all pros and cons before making this decision. However, the future roadmap for the game will remain unchanged, and all updates and server merges will proceed as scheduled.

A Detailed Schedule to Avoid Confusion

To avoid any confusion and chaos among fans, the developers have released a detailed schedule of important dates for future events to be held before shutdown. They assured players that they will provide the best experience possible before the end of service. As for server merge, a separate notice with more detailed information will be released in the future.

Changes Coming as of 31st March 2023

Starting from 31st March 2023, the in-game stores will be inaccessible. All in-app purchases will be removed from the store, and players will not be able to purchase any products in-game. However, gems and gold will still be usable until the ultimate shutdown date of 8th June 2023. After the shutdown, the game will not be accessible, and the official community of the game will also close at this time.

Are Fans Disappointed?

Many fans and players are disappointed with the decision to shut down Civilization: Reign of Power. This comes as a surprise as the game was well-received upon its initial release. However, it is possible that the developers faced unforeseen challenges in maintaining the game’s popularity or profitability in the mobile gaming market.


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