Chasing Leads and Breaking Hearts: Navigating the Challenges of Times and Galaxies

Times & Galaxy: A New Game That Brings the Nuances of Journalism to the Forefront

Copychaser Games’ upcoming title, Times & Galaxy, is set to revolutionize the adventure game genre. The choice-driven narrative game sets players in the role of a robot intern working for the solar system’s top news outlet, giving them a firsthand experience of what it’s like to be a part of the journalism world, from tracking down sources to crafting the perfect story.

The game’s developer, ex-BioWare writer and editor, David Gelinas, worked previously as a local crime reporter at the Edmonton Journal newspaper, bringing a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to the game’s development. Gelinas is intent on portraying the nuanced nature of journalism, going beyond the black and white dichotomy of choice A or choice B seen in other choice-driven narrative games like Mass Effect.

Gameplay: Navigating the Gray Areas of Journalism

The game’s opening levels introduce players to the world of investigative journalism, as they chase down leads and collect information to create their stories. The game’s emphasis on choice and consequence allows players to explore different approaches to the various aspects of reporting, like the headline, lede, nut graph, and key quote of their piece. Players can choose to take a more sensational or informative approach, among many other options.

Such nuanced choices give players a glimpse into what it’s like to be a journalist, where the lines between informing and entertaining become blurred. Each story you write in the game affects the holopaper’s success and readership, and the game’s story branches out depending on the choices and paths players have taken.

Flirting and Romance: A Side Quest

Aside from the game’s emphasis on journalism, flirting and romance options are included as subplots. These options offer players different outcomes, adding another layer of choices to an already intricate gameplay.

Final Thoughts: A New Vision for Adventure Games

Times & Galaxy is a groundbreaking game that offers a new vision of the classic adventure game genre. By portraying the often overlooked and underrepresented nuances of journalism, the game gives players a realistic and immersive experience of a world that is both fascinating and frustrating, enlightening and confusing. The game is slated for release in 2024 and will be available for PC players.


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