Character-Driven Story Elevates Roguelite Endless Dungeon’s Tower Defense Levels

Amplitude Studios’ upcoming twin-stick tower defense game, Endless Dungeon, is set to release on May 18. The game is a spinoff of the studio’s primarily 4X strategy franchise, Dungeon of the Endless, but with added hero shooter and roguelite elements. Endless Dungeon takes players on a sci-fi romp through a long-abandoned space station, where they must fight their way through waves of enemies to reach safety. One of the unique features of the game is the option for three-player co-op.

Narrative director Jeff Spock and lead game designer Arthur Prudent spoke about the game’s story during a recent preview event. Spock explained that the studio had been building the Endless universe for over a decade and had used this wealth of lore to build a unique story for Endless Dungeon. He said that the game offers intimate human stories, moments of dialogue between characters, and individual hero quests.

One of the challenges of Endless Dungeon was how to tell a story in a procedurally generated game. The studio had previously attempted this with Endless Space and Endless Legend, but Endless Dungeon added a new level of complexity. Hero quests are structured into four chapters, with each chapter offering players a hero skin and upgrade upon completion. The game’s story also encourages players to explore different parts of the station and discover the various landmarks and bosses.

Spock and Prudent noted that the game’s story is also told through mechanics such as the journal log, which contains backstory, notes, and mementos that players can collect. Endless Dungeon aims to incentivize players to keep playing after a failed run by offering new challenges, quests, and goals.

Endless Dungeon will be available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Switch, and PC on May 18.


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