CD Projekt Red not aligned with Witcher spin-off Sirius, aimed to reduce costs

CD Projekt Red, the developer behind the critically acclaimed Witcher series and Cyberpunk 2077, has shed more light on its recent decision to restart the development of its Witcher spin-off Project Sirius. CD Projekt Red’s Chief Financial Officer Piotr Nielubowicz spoke about the project during a recent financial earnings call, stating that the company did not want to continue with projects that they were not entirely aligned with.

The Decision to Restart Development

On the 20th of March 2023, CD Projekt Red announced that Project Sirius, a spinoff being developed by The Molasses Flood, had undergone an evaluation of its scope and commercial potential, and that the company was formulating a new framework for this project.

Nielubowicz called the decision to create a new framework for Sirius “a tough one to make,” but that it is the right decision. He went on to say that CD Projekt Red’s goal was to cut costs for the project early and give the developer time for reassessment, rather than moving forward full steam ahead on a project the company wasn’t “aligned with.”

What is Project Sirius?

Although there has been no official acknowledgement or announcement on what Project Sirius is, Nielubowicz explained that the project was “new to us in terms of design and format” and is different from the “big productions” the developer is known for.

Looking to Extend Franchises

As CD Projekt Red continues to look for new ways to extend their franchises in order to remain competitive, the decision to create a new framework for Project Sirius was made so that new, fresh ideas could be injected into the project.

“To stay competitive, we need to keep looking for new ways to extend our franchises,” Nielubowicz said when addressing the issue. “At the same time, we need to be ready to reevaluate our original concepts, even if development work is already underway.”

What’s Next for CD Projekt Red

Project Sirius is, in fact, just one of multiple new Witcher games that were announced by CD Projekt Red back in October 2022. It includes a new main Witcher trilogy that is being developed on Unreal Engine 5, as well as a third-party-developed spin-off codenamed Canis Majoris.

In addition to the Witcher games, CD Projekt Red is also working on a sequel to Cyberpunk 2077 and a new IP codenamed Hadar.


Even though no further details have been given regarding Project Sirius, it is clear that CD Projekt Red is committed to creating innovative and fresh ideas that will keep their franchises at the forefront of the gaming industry. Here’s hoping that whatever Project Sirius is, it is well worth the wait when it is finally revealed to the public.


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