Call of Duty’s Latest Anti-Cheat Tool Detects Banned Hardware Usage

Activision has introduced new anti-cheat tools for its popular Call of Duty games, including Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0. The tools have been designed to detect third-party hardware devices being used to deliver an unfair advantage to players. Activision has warned that those caught using such devices could face harsher penalties, such as account suspension or even a total ban from the game.

New Hardware Detection Update

The new tools are aimed at detecting when third-party hardware devices are used to deliver an unfair advantage while playing Call of Duty games. These devices can give players advantages such as the ability to eliminate weapon recoil. Anyone caught using such hardware will see a warning page before further action is taken against them.

Penalties for Cheating

Anyone continuing to use the hardware devices after receiving the warning could face harsher penalties such as account suspension or even a total ban from the game. Activision has said that it will continue to monitor the effectiveness of the new hardware detection and update its systems to combat further circumvention of the rules.

New Replay Tool

As part of its efforts to tackle cheating, Activision has also introduced a new “Replay” tool. The tool will allow developers to investigate potential bad behavior in any completed match. It is not clear whether the Replay feature will be made available to players, however.

Additional In-Game Mitigation Techniques

The new anti-cheat measures are in addition to the various other in-game mitigation techniques that Activision already uses to stamp out cheating. Cloaking, Disarm, and Damage Shield are all used to help protect against bad actors. Cloaking, for example, hides legitimate players from cheaters, while Disarm takes away the weapons of offending players. Damage Shield gives legitimate players extra armor to fend off cheaters.

In-Game Warnings

In addition to the new anti-cheat measures, Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0 will now provide in-game warnings to players who are found to be using glitches and exploits or purposefully griefing other players. Players found to be engaging in account-boosting will also be given warnings, which could advance to account suspensions and progression resets, among other penalties.

New Ownership

It was recently announced that Microsoft is in the process of buying Activision Blizzard and the Call of Duty series. The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority recently cleared the way for the deal to go through, although it has yet to be finalized.


With its new anti-cheat measures, Activision aims to provide a level playing field for all players of its popular Call of Duty franchise. By tackling cheaters and other bad actors head-on, the company hopes to create a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all.


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