Call of Duty Warzone 2 and MW2 to Feature NBA Superstar

Activision has given a teaser, hinting that a famous basketball player will be joining the Call of Duty franchise as a playable Operator.

The Name

The teaser video includes the handle “Easy Money Sniper,” which is also the handle on Instagram for the basketball player, Kevin Durant, who currently plays for the Phoenix Suns. Additionally, the Call of Duty Facebook page uploaded a placeholder video with the file name KD_Teaser, further suggesting that it is Durant.

More Details

Activision has confirmed that this new Operator will be playable in three Call of Duty games: Modern Warfare II, Warzone 2, and COD Mobile, all set to be released in May. Durant won’t be the first famous professional athlete to become a playable character in the Call of Duty series either. Last year, for a limited time, Activision added Messi, Paul Pogba, and Neymar as playable characters to celebrate the World Cup.

Famous Gamer

This won’t be the first time Kevin Durant will feature in video games. The basketball player is a big-time video game player and fan of Call of Duty, in particular. He once told David Letterman in 2022 that he has aspirations of creating his own COD esports team someday.

Activision Blizzard’s Future Plans

Activision Blizzard’s recent earnings announcement revealed that Call of Duty game sales continue to grow in the latest quarter, which is excellent news. Furthermore, Activision has confirmed that it will release a new “premium” Call of Duty game this year, although the title has not yet been announced, adding even more excitement for the franchise in the future.


So, while we await the announcement confirming that it is indeed Kevin Durant as the latest playable Operator, this news itself has generated plenty of buzz among fans of the Call of Duty franchise.


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