Bungie Continues to Win Lawsuits Against Destiny 2 Cheaters, Awarded Millions in Damages

Bungie, the developer of popular game Destiny 2, has achieved another victory in its ongoing campaign against cheat-makers. The company has recently been awarded a $6.7 million judgment in court against Lavicheats, a cheat-selling company.

The Details of the Judgment

The judgment was passed in a US district court and was a default judgment because Lavicheats never responded to the suit. According to court documents, roughly $5.5 million of the total sum was for violations of the DMCA, $300,000 was for violations of the Copyright Act, $600,000 was for violations of the Lanham Act, and the remaining $250,000 was for court fees and costs.

Bungie’s Previous Victories

This is not the first time that Bungie has won a lawsuit against cheat-sellers. Earlier in May, the company won a similar lawsuit against VeteranCheats, also resulting in a default judgment, amounting to just over $12 million dollars. In February, Bungie had won a lawsuit against AimJunkies for $4.3 million.

Bungie’s Fight Against Violators of the Game’s Terms of Service

Bungie is determined to maintain the integrity of its game and has also gone after players violating the game’s terms of service. Last year in July, Bungie sued a Destiny 2 player for breaking the game’s terms of service and threatening one of the company’s staff members.

Destiny 2’s Recent Events

Despite the company’s ongoing battles against cheat-makers and players violating the game’s terms of service, there is still plenty of positive news related to Destiny 2. The Guardian Games event has started, and the Season of the Deep will begin later in May.


Bungie is demonstrating its commitment to preserving the gaming experience for all players of Destiny 2. By going after cheat-sellers and violators of the game’s terms of service, Bungie is ensuring the integrity of its popular game.


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