BUMP! Superbrawl Soft Launches for Android in Poland: Get Ready for Strategy Fun!

Ubisoft Entertainment, the renowned video game publisher and developer, has announced that its new action-packed strategy game, BUMP Superbrawl, is set to enter the market. However, it will only be launched in Poland for now, with Android device users in the region being able to download it from Google Play Store.

The Thrilling Gameplay of BUMP! Superbrawl

Get set for an adrenaline-fueled game in which players assemble a team of heroes for competing in a turn-based arena that features exceptional gameplay set in a fantastical Utopia. BUMP! Superbrawl is a 1V1 action strategy game, and the objective is to become the Ultimate Champion by defeating players from all over the world.

The game revolves around the core theme of fighting and action set in a fantasy world. Players select their favorite mythical heroes and put their skills to the test in various game modes. They can interact with other players and compete together in a quest to become the champion.

The Game Modes

There are numerous game modes on offer, starting with the Brawl mode which requires the first team to score three KOs to emerge victorious. In case of a tie, the team with the highest number of defeated opponents at the end of eight turns will win the bout.

Zone Capture and Coins Party require players to have more of a commodity than their opponent. The hero with the most KO’d opponents emerges as the winner.

The VIP game mode pits the heroes against each other, and the first player who scores a KO on the VIP hero of the opposing team emerges as the winner.

The game is a mix of action and strategy requiring you to plan and take calculated risks. The more you understand the game’s tactics, the better you become at mastering new challenges.

Flutter Support

BUMP Superbrawl has brought great excitement in the tech industry as it is the first game to be launched leveraging the advantages of Flutter support. This means that the game has been built with Google’s lightweight UI toolkit, offering a responsive and efficient user interface to enhance the player’s overall gaming experience.

What’s Next for BUMP Superbrawl?

Players in Poland can download the game from Google Play Store for their Android devices. News about the worldwide release for iOS or Android is yet to surface. BUMP Superbrawl is Ubisoft Entertainment’s first game to be launched on a gradual level without any official updates about the global launch. It will be interesting to see how the game develops and the player’s response as it’s expected to receive a positive response.


BUMP Superbrawl promises to be a thrilling gaming experience for the action and strategy game lovers. The limited soft launch in Poland has gamers across the world excited as they eagerly wait for the global release. Keep an eye out for official updates from the makers, and brace yourself for the great features the game offers.

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