Best Buy Spring Game Sale: New Deals Every Day

Video game enthusiasts, listen up! Best Buy is hosting a week-long Spring Video Game Sale, offering steep discounts on a daily basis for the latest games and accessories. Running from now until Sunday, April 9, this event is the perfect opportunity for avid gamers to upgrade their collections.

What’s on Sale Today?

The sale is kicking off with an irresistible deal for first-person shooter fans. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is now available for just $55 on both PlayStation and Xbox, with a significant markdown from its original price of $70. This popular game has rarely seen a discount since its launch in late 2022, so if you’ve been waiting to get your hands on it, now’s the time. Despite being almost a decade old, Modern Warfare 2 remains a beloved favorite due to its immersive gameplay and updated graphics.

As if that wasn’t enough, HyperX CloudX Flight Wireless Gaming Headset is also on sale for $145, down from its regular price of $160. The headset features high-quality materials, powerful 50mm drivers, and a detachable microphone. The added bonus? The purchase includes a Weapon Vinyl and HyperX Emblem in-game content exclusive for players of Call of Duty.

What Should You Expect for the Rest of the Week?

According to Best Buy’s website, discounts will get more generous every day during the Spring Video Game Sale. While the specific products and markdowns have not yet been announced, the website promises a total of seven days of discounts. However, you’ll have to keep checking their site throughout the week as each day’s sale will not be revealed until it goes live in the morning.

If you’re a video game enthusiast or are simply looking to add some new titles to your collection, this week-long sale is tailor-made for you. Mark your calendar and check back daily for the latest deals.


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