Ark Dev Cancels Upgrade Plans and Bundle: Admits Mistake

Studio Wildcard, the developer behind the popular dinosaur-survival game series, Ark, has announced changes to its future plans for the game following feedback from fans. The studio has cancelled the Ark Respawned Bundle, a package that would have included two games for the price of one, on the Xbox platform, after realizing it was “not the best move.” Going forward, the studio is replacing the bundle with a standalone version of Ark Survival Ascended for $60, which will include all previously announced expansion packs now included in the base game.

Cancelled Bundle

Studio Wildcard has announced that it is cancelling the Ark Respawned Bundle on the Xbox platform following feedback from fans. The package, which would have included two games for the price of one, was not seen as the best move by fans, prompting the change. The Ark Survival Respawned bundle was previously going to be sold for $50 and was not planned for release on PlayStation.

Standalone Version of Ark Survival Ascended

Following the cancellation of the Ark Respawned Bundle, Studio Wildcard is releasing a standalone version of Ark Survival Ascended for $60 on every platform, including Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. The bundle will include all previously paid-for expansion packs, and it is set to be released by Q2 2024. Fans will be able to buy this package and enjoy all the gameplay advantages that come with it.

Closure of Ark: Survival Evolved Servers

Ark: Survival Evolved (the older version) official servers are closing on August 31, just before the release of Ark: Survival Ascended. Players who want to keep playing will have their save-data uploaded to continue playing on unofficial and player-hosted servers. Extinction is set to be released by Q1 2024, Genesis Part 1 by the same time, and Genesis Part 2 by Q2 2024.

The Reasoning Behind the Decision

Studio Wildcard explained that closing the servers was due to the fact that they were based on old technology and required significant development resources and time for their teams to operate and maintain. However, for those players who prefer the older version, makers said that the newer version, with upgraded features and graphics, might not provide a similar experience.

Ark II

Studio Wildcard is making Ark II using the Unreal Engine 5 and featuring Vin Diesel. More details about the game are expected to come in 2024.

What Fans Can Expect

Studio Wildcard recognizes that many fans might not be convinced by just words and have promised to share more details of the gameplay, such as screenshots and gameplay trailers over time. The studio is hopeful that in due time, survivors will hang in there and it will be worth the wait.

Final Thoughts

Studio Wildcard has taken another bold step in the gaming industry by announcing that it is cancelling the Ark Respawned Bundle and replacing it with a standalone version of the game. However, this bold move has been well-received by fans who have been eagerly awaiting the release of the new version. With the newer version set to release in 2024 on all platforms and all the paid-for expansion packs included in the base game, the new version is definitely worth the wait.


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