Apple’s Upcoming iOS 17 Update Set to Feature a Redesigned Control Center: Latest Reports

Apple’s upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2023 is generating buzz as reports predict big changes for iOS 17. Recent news suggests that the Control Center, a feature available on both iPhone and iPad that provides access to important settings, is set to receive significant updates. Although the details of these changes remain unknown, they’re expected to be prominent and could make the Control Center stand out from other features.

The Evolution of iOS Control Center

The Control Center debuted with iOS 7 and was initially accessible via a swipe-up from the bottom edge of the display. Until iOS 10, it remained relatively unchanged in terms of functionality. With the launch of the iPhone 7 series, Apple introduced 3D Touch, which added more layers of functionality to the available Control Center toggles.

iOS 11 introduced the current Control Center accessible with a swipe down from the top-right corner of the display, adjacent to the display notch or the dynamic island. Apple also added this feature to Macs with macOS Big Sur.

Possible Changes for iOS 17 Control Center

According to MacRumours, unspecified changes are coming to the Control Center in iOS 17. While the Control Center has received little attention since its debut, it remains one of the most frequently accessed iOS features.

It’s unclear what changes are coming to the Control Center. However, given the focus of iOS 17 on performance and stability improvements, the updates are unlikely to detract from the Control Center’s functionality. Instead, we forecast that an upgraded Control Center will provide users with a more seamless experience.

What to Expect from the WWDC 2023

The announcement for iOS 17 is slated to occur at WWDC 2023, set for June 5th to June 9th. In recent news, Apple’s upcoming software update was intended to be a “tuneup release” focusing on bug fixes and performance improvements. However, this has changed mid-plan, evolving into a milestone update with support for much-requested features that could allow users to install and use alternative app stores on supported devices.

Although the full contents of iOS 17 are not publicly known, reports state that compatibility will extend to all devices running iOS 16, including the iPhone X. WWDC 2023 will be primarily an online event with limited in-person capacity. However, this is unlikely to impact the quality and content of the conference as it remains one of the most anticipated events for Apple developers.


As anticipation grows for iOS 17’s arrival, reports reveal that the Control Center’s upgrade will be one of the more prominent enhancements. Although the nature of the changes remains unknown, we expect that the Control Center will remain as convenient and user-friendly as ever after the updated release.

Given users’ anticipation for the WWDC 2023 firmware updates, Apple’s drastic mid-plan strategy shift has only increased excitement. With reports suggesting compatibility with all devices running iOS 16 and the possibility of alternative app stores, we expect a monumental update. Stay tuned for June 5th to June 9th for definitive answers on iOS 17’s arrival and all the meticulous features along with its improvements. 


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