Apple’s Free Creative Sessions in Mumbai and Delhi Fully Booked Before Store Openings

Apple’s first retail stores in India are set to open next week, with the Mumbai-based store due to open on April 18 and the Delhi store on April 20. To celebrate the occasion, both stores will offer free “Today at Apple” sessions, both online and in-store. These sessions cover a wide range of topics like photography, videography, art, design and more. They are designed to celebrate the local culture and community in each city.

The Buildup to the Opening

As a prelude to the opening of the Mumbai-based Apple store, the company is running a special “Today at Apple” series entitled “Mumbai Rising.” These sessions aim to bring together visitors, local artists, and creatives to celebrate the community and culture in Mumbai.

The Mumbai programme includes a range of sessions for people of all ages, including a filmmaking session with award-winning sci-fi director Arati Kadav, photography and video editing sessions with iPhone models by photographer Prarthna Sing, emoji-making classes for kids, and music sessions by Sandunes.

Apple Saket is also offering a range of sessions, including iPhone photography and video editing sessions. New users of iPhone, iPad, and Mac can avail of learning and refreshing sessions at both Apple BKC and Apple Saket stores.

The Response

The Today at Apple programme in India has received an immense response from Apple fans across the country, with all sessions getting booked within one day of opening reservations. Both the Apple BKC and Apple Saket stores have been fully booked for several days, with many sessions having to turn people away due to high demand.

The Today at Apple Programme

The Today at Apple programme has been a fixture in Apple stores worldwide since 2017. It offers free hands-on sessions and workshops in a wide range of creative fields, from art and design to photography and music. Interested users can sign up for sessions happening globally from the official website or calendar on Apple’s website or via the Apple Store app.

Celebration of India’s Culture

To celebrate the opening of the new stores, Apple has released special wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and Mac based on the illustrations of the barricades of new India retail stores. Additionally, a new Apple Music playlist featuring “sounds of Mumbai and Delhi” has also been released to coincide with the openings.


The opening of Apple’s first retail stores in India is a significant event for the company and the country’s Apple fans, who have waited eagerly for this day. The special “Today at Apple” sessions and celebrations of local culture are a testament to Apple’s commitment to engaging with communities worldwide in meaningful ways.


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