Apex Legends Leaker Asserts Legitimacy of Single-Player Rumble LTM

Apex Legends fans have been buzzing with excitement about a rumored new Limited Time Mode (LTM) called Rumble Royale. Leaked by data miners and content creators, players have been eagerly waiting for confirmation on whether this LTM is real or not. Now, according to popular Apex Legends leaker and data miner ThordanSmash, Rumble Royale is indeed legitimate, but he also expressed concern that introducing this new mode could lead to game-breaking bugs.

What is Rumble Royale?

According to leaks, Rumble Royale is a solos-only mode where everything is randomized, from player encounters with wildlife to the actual map itself. This means that players will have to rely solely on their own skills, as each legend’s individual abilities will be inaccessible through traditional means. However, new consumable items in the loot pool will serve to replace those abilities.

Consumable Items in Rumble Royale

Rumble Royale consumables will include the Stim, which increases speed and health regeneration but also increases damage taken and temporarily blurs vision. Cloak makes players invisible for a time, but also silences footsteps and gunfire. The EMP disables enemy electronics and shields but damages the player who detonates it while also revealing their location. Berserk increases melee damage and knockback distance but decreases weapon accuracy and range. Lastly, Swap lets players swap their location and loadout with an enemy, though the enemy immediately knows your location and what kind of gear you have.

Loadouts and LTM-Exclusive Hop-Ups

In Rumble Royale, pre-set loadouts will not be a part of the game, nor will players be allowed to select weapons from the ground. Instead, every player’s loadout will be randomly generated for each game. However, the LTM-exclusive hop-ups will give players more control over their gameplay experience. These hop-ups include special rounds that cause bullets to ricochet, explosive bullets that deal splash damage, Disruptor Rounds that increase shield damage, decreased health damage, new incendiary rounds, and Smart Bullets that automatically lock onto enemies (a reference to Titanfall 2’s Smart Pistol).

Is Rumble Royale Legitimate?

Although leaks should always be taken with a grain of salt, ThordanSmash has an impressive track record of accurately leaking new Apex Legends content in the past. Recent in-game references to Rumble Royale also suggest it’s more than just a rumor. However, it’s worth remembering that the new LTM is still in development, so some of the details could change before its official release.


If Rumble Royale is indeed legitimate, then it’s sure to shake up the Apex Legends community and provide experienced players with an exciting new challenge. However, the mode’s randomization mechanics and consumables may make it prone to bugs, as ThordanSmash has pointed out. Regardless, it’s sure to be a thrilling addition to the game, and players can’t wait for its official release.


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