Another fix released for The Last Of Us PC issues

The highly anticipated release of The Last of Us Part I for PC has not gone according to plan with players experiencing a range of technical and performance issues. Fortunately, Naughty Dog has been quick to rectify these issues, releasing two hotfixes within days of the game’s release in an attempt to improve performance, reduce crashes and improve memory issues.

Hotfix Patch Notes


The most recent hotfix, v1.0.1.6, contains several performance improvements and increased diagnostics to track further issues. The patch notes indicate the following:

  1. The PSO cache size has been reduced to minimize Out of Memory crashes.
  2. Additional diagnostics have been added, allowing developers to track and mitigate future issues.
  3. Animation streaming memory has been increased to improve performance during gameplay and cinematics.
  4. A crash on first boot has been addressed and fixed.

While these fixes are expected to resolve several issues with the game, Naughty Dog has indicated that it is monitoring player reports closely, and will continue releasing patches in the future as needed.

Player Feedback

Since the game’s release, players have been posting their experiences and feedback in online forums and on the game’s Known Issues page. One of the more notable issues reported is a range of glitches that have occurred during gameplay. Some players reported seeing characters suddenly appear wet without reason, while others experienced crashes and other poor performance issues.

Despite these issues, the game has still received over 10,500 reviews on Steam since its release, garnering a “mostly negative” rating from players. Nevertheless, many fans of the game have expressed their hopes that the developers will continue to work on improving the game’s performance and fixing any remaining issues in the near future.


The Last of Us Part I for PC has suffered from numerous technical and performance issues since its release. However, Naughty Dog has been quick to respond with hotfixes aimed at improving performance and reducing crashes. While there may still be some glitches and performance issues remaining, players can rest assured that the developers are closely monitoring player reports and will continue to release patches as needed to address any future issues with the game.


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