AMD Unveils New Processors for Handheld PC Gaming

AMD has just announced its newest line of Ryzen Z1 processors specifically designed for portable PC devices. The Z1 series includes two processors – the Z1 and the Z1 Extreme. Partnering with Asus, AMD will power the first handheld PC device using these chips: the Asus ROG Ally.

What are the differences between the Z1 and the Z1 Extreme?

The Z1 processor has six cores and 12 threads, four AMD RNDA compute units, and a cache of 22 MB. According to The Verge, this offers a 55 percent power increase compared to the Steam Deck’s custom processing chip. Meanwhile, the Z1 Extreme variant has eight cores and 12 threads, 12 AMD RNDA compute units, and a cache of 24 MB.

To know more about the processors, check out AMD’s website.

What features can we expect from the Ryzen Z1 processors?

AMD claims that these processors will offer incredible battery life due to the efficiency of Zen 4 architecture. AMD features like Radeon Super Resolution 2, Radeon Chill, Radeon Image Sharpening, and AMD Link can be utilized with the chip to improve performance and battery life. These new handheld devices will reportedly offer seamless connectivity to your gaming libraries and access to PC Games through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

What’s next for AMD and Asus?

Asus has not revealed much regarding the ROG Ally, but we can expect more information to come on May 11. Until then, we’ll have to wait patiently to see how the tech will be utilized. With the processing power that these new chips are capable of, the gaming world is in for a treat.


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