Alleged Sega Leak Reveals Persona 3 Remake and New Jet Set Radio “Reviving Two Classics: Persona 3 and Jet Set Radio in the Works”

A recent leak of internal Sega materials has left fans of Persona 3 and Jet Set Radio excited and hopeful. The 2021 internal footage leak includes what looks to be a short Persona 3 remake clip and a new Jet Set Radio game clip. While there have been rumors of a Persona 3 remake for years, this leak has given fans a glimpse of what could be in store for the beloved game.

The Persona 3 Remake Leak

The Persona 3 clip in the leaked footage is only 5 seconds long and shows Yukari Takeba firing arrows at an enemy shadow. Despite its brevity, the clip has sparked widespread speculation and excitement for a possible Persona 3 remake.

Gematsu reported on the Persona 3 remake rumors and claimed that the project was in development, but this was not verified by the leaked footage. There have also been rumors that the Persona 3 remake would be announced in the summer of 2023, alongside the announcement of Persona 6.

Although the footage leak has many fans hopeful and excited, it is important to take its legitimacy with a grain of salt, as it could easily be a hoax.

Jets Set Radio and Other Sega Games

The leaked footage also includes a clip of what appears to be a new Jet Set Radio game, with familiar urban environments and cel-shaded graphics. Reports indicate that Sega is planning to release a new Jet Set Radio game as part of its “Super Game” initiative, alongside a possible new entry in the Crazy Taxi series.

It is worth noting that a spiritual successor to Jet Set Radio called Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is currently in development, and this could indicate that Sega is committed to revitalizing its classic games with modern technology and gameplay.


While the leaked footage has left fans excited and hopeful for the future of Persona 3 and Jet Set Radio, it is important to wait for official announcements and confirmation from Sega before making any assumptions. However, the footage leak has certainly sparked speculation and discussion about what Sega has in store for its beloved franchises.


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