All Honkai: Star Rail Redemption Codes – Get Free Stellar Jade and More!

HoYoverse, the developer of the much-awaited game Honkai: Star Rail, has finally released the game, and to mark the occasion, the company has shared several codes for players to redeem. Five codes are currently available, which will offer players various items, including Stellar Jade, the game’s premium currency used in character banner pulls. While there could be more codes released in the future, players should redeem the currently available codes before they expire.

Available Redeem Codes

  • HSRGRANDOPEN1: This code offers 100 Stellar Jade and 50,000 Credits, and it will expire on April 30.
  • HSRGRANDOPEN2: Players can redeem this code to get 100 Stellar Jade, 5 Traveler’s Guides, and 4 Refined Aethers. This code also expires on April 30.
  • HSRGRANDOPEN3: With this code, players can get 100 Stellar Jade and 10,000 Credits. However, there’s no stated expiration date for this code yet.
  • HSRVER10XEDLFE: This code offers 50 Stellar Jade and 10,000 Credits, but there’s no known expiration date for this code either.
  • STARRAILGIFT: This code will give players 50 Stellar Jade, 2 Traveler’s Guides, 5 Bottled Sodas, and 10,000 Credits, but like the previous code, there’s no expiration date announced for this code.

Redeeming Codes

The game doesn’t initially explain how to redeem codes, but players can do so from the in-game phone menu. At the top-right corner of the menu, just beneath the fake battery and WiFi signal, players will find three dots. By selecting them, a Redemption Code option will appear, providing a text box where players can copy and paste their desired code.

If Honkai: Star Rail works similarly to Genshin Impact, there will be more codes released with each version update. HoYoverse had released three codes ahead of each update for Genshin Impact, and the same could be expected for Honkai: Star Rail. Going forward, players will want to keep an eye out for new code releases.


With these codes, players can get a headstart in Honkai: Star Rail without worrying about their in-game currency. As further codes become available, players can expect to receive more rewards, making their in-game experience all the better. With the release of Honkai: Star Rail, RPG fans can spend hours exploring its fantastic world, perfecting their skills, and using these codes to their advantage.


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