Age Of Wonders 4 PC Preorders at Discounted Rates Now Open

Strategy game fans are eagerly awaiting the May 2 release of Age of Wonders 4, the latest installment in the long-standing Age of Wonders series. Thanks to Fanatical, PC players can take advantage of an enticing discount on the game with a pre-order deal that will see the price drop by 13% until release day.

What’s included in the deal?

Both the standard and premium editions of Age of Wonders 4 are eligible for the pre-order discount, which is exclusive to the Steam version of the game. The standard edition price will be discounted to $43.49 (normally $50), while the premium edition will be available for $78.29 (normally $90).

Preorders for either version also come with pre-purchase bonuses, which include:

  • Aric Rex ruler
  • Lion Plate armor set
  • Athlan Crown
  • Imperial Cape

Customers who opt for the premium edition will also receive an expansion pass for the game’s four upcoming DLCs, as well as the Archmage attire set. The Age of Wonders 4 game and additional DLC codes unlock via Steam.

Ancient magic reignited in Age of Wonders 4

The Age of Wonders series is well-known amongst strategy gaming enthusiasts for its mix of 4X empire building, turn-based combat, and RPG mechanics. Age of Wonders 4 promises to take this formula further, offering players more control over their armies, deeper narrative possibilities, and an enhanced, more personalized gameplay experience.

Age of Wonders 4 incorporates significant RPG elements, allowing players to personalize their ruler character’s appearance, and introducing new customization options. Players have a choice of fantasy factions to control, which they expand through exploration, diplomacy, and warfare.

Coming to PC and consoles

Age of Wonders 4 will release simultaneously for the PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S platforms on May 2, offering crossplay functionality. The PC version will be available at a range of different stores, including Steam, the Epic Games Store, the Microsoft Store, and GOG.

The new installment promises to bring renewed investment to the Age of Wonders universe with an enhanced gameplay experience, new customization options, and exclusive pre-purchase bonuses.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of the series or a newcomer looking to jump into the fantasy strategy genre, Age of Wonders 4 is looking like an exciting game not to be missed!


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