A Super Mario Video Floods YouTube with New Content Every 20 Seconds

With Super Mario Bros. being back in the limelight due to the release of its new movie, YouTube has shared some surprising statistics about the popularity of Mario-related videos on its platform. According to a recent blog post, Super Mario videos have been watched over 100 billion times on YouTube, with a new video related to the franchise being uploaded every 20 seconds. It appears that Mario videos have been part of YouTube’s DNA since its inception, and speedruns of Mario games are uploaded more than any other franchise.

Insights From YouTube’s Trends Report

Mario Videos on YouTube: A Global Phenomenon

The YouTube blog post provides some further information on the phenomenon of Mario-related videos on the platform by releasing a trends report. Here are some key insights from the report:

  • The US and Japan account for 40% of all Mario video viewership globally.
  • 2022 saw more Mario video uploads on YouTube than any other year.
  • The top 10 Mario games by overall viewership on YouTube are:
  1. Super Mario Bros.
  2. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  3. Super Mario Maker
  4. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  5. Super Mario 64
  6. Super Mario World
  7. Super Mario 3D World
  8. Super Mario Maker 2
  9. Super Mario Odyssey
  10. Super Mario Party

An Upcoming Mario Game?

A new Mario game may soon enter this list, or not, as series creator Shigeru Miyamoto recently told Variety Magazine to “please stay tuned for future Nintendo Directs” when asked about the next Mario video game adventure. Fans of the franchise will undoubtedly take this statement as a positive sign that something new is in the works.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Controversy

As with any highly-anticipated release, not everything goes smoothly when it comes to the reception of a film. The recent release of Super Mario Bros. Movie has sparked some controversy as the original composer of the DK Rap, Grant Kirkhope, was not included in the movie’s credits. Fans were quick to notice this significant exclusion and took to social media to express their frustration.

The DK Rap was a fan-favorite song from the video game Donkey Kong 64, and many were looking forward to hearing it in the Super Mario Bros. Movie. However, Kirkhope tweeted that he was “disheartened” that his name was left out of the credits and that he was not contacted about using his composition in the film. The exclusion of Kirkhope has left some fans feeling like the movie did not show adequate respect to the creators and artists who shaped the Mario franchise over the years.


The Super Mario Bros. franchise has been a staple of the gaming world ever since its inception back in the ’80s. However, as the recent trends report from YouTube shows, Mario’s popularity has only continued to grow over the years, even on other media platforms. With the upcoming release of new games or movies and the countless fan uploads of Mario content, we can see that the plumber and his pals will continue to be a force to be reckoned with on YouTube, and beyond.


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