15 Free Games for Amazon Prime Members Next Month

Amazon Prime Gaming is back with its monthly offering of free games and loot giveaways for subscribers. Starting from April 6, Amazon Prime members can claim a total of 15 games throughout the month, alongside in-game content for popular titles like Overwatch 2, Hearthstone, and Valorant.

The Big Names and Classic Favorites

Wolfenstein: The New Order is undoubtedly the standout title of this month’s free offer. The iconic first-person shooter game initially released in 2014 marks its appearance as a free game offering for Amazon Prime subscribers starting from April 6. While showcasing some of the best storytelling and writing in its genre, this game also showcases excellent gameplay.

Subscribers can also grab some classic favorites like Metal Slug 4, a run-and-gun arcade game that initially launched on the Neo Geo MVS system before being ported to different consoles and PC. Meanwhile, Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition takes players on an unforgettable isometric role-playing game journey by immersing them in the Dungeons & Dragons universe.

Coming in toward the end of April, metroidvania fans should prepare themselves for “Grime.” This challenging side-scrolling action-adventure title emulates the combat system found in the Dark Souls game genre while offering a unique weapons system, a large interconnected world, gorgeous 2.5D visuals, and a wide selection of baddies to fight.

Weekly Game Drops and Refreshed Prime Gaming Channel Lineup

Amazon Prime Gaming opted for a weekly game drop style in the past few months instead of a drop-all-at-once strategy. The same goes for the free game offerings for April 2023, as Amazon releases the titles throughout the month. Subscribers may claim games starting from April 6, then throughout the month on April 13, April 20, and April 27.

Amazon’s Luna cloud streaming service also has new offerings for subscribers. This month, they’re bringing in four games, including Yakuza Kiwami 2, Horizon Chase Turbo, The Jackbox Games Party Pack 3, and The Adventure Pals.

In-game Loot Giveaways

Amazon Prime Gaming is not just about free games. Subscribers can also get in-game content for various popular multiplayer games. In-game content giveaways for PlayStation’s PUBG, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Overwatch 2, Hearthstone, and Valorant are among the titles that subscribers may claim for free.

Subscription and Claiming Freebies

New users who are interested in Amazon Prime Gaming may avail themselves of the free 30-day trial to get access to a slew of games and free in-game content. They may then claim and get to keep the freebies, including the monthly free games and in-game content.

Amazon Prime Gaming definitely delivers a solid lineup for April 2023, as it never disappoints in giving its subscribers the best deals on games and in-game content. Subscribers can take advantage of the weekly drop strategy that Amazon has been using recently, giving them sufficient time to try out and play the games before the next set drops.


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